Phone, NBN & Data installation in Adelaide

Redline Electrical have all your connectivity needs sorted.

Redline Electrical provides NBN installation services for your home and business. We can look at the connection, installation and electrical maintenance of your home in accordance with the NBN regulations.

An NBN connection means high speed internet and a more secure, reliable connection. Redline Electrical can get your property NBN connected today.

Our electricians are licenced and trained to install phone and data cables, and can assist with planning connectivity solutions for your home or business.

Our experienced tradesmen can offer advice and recommendations that are right for your home and business.


Do you need your modem relocated to suit your new NBN connection?

Do  you need new cabling to suit future NBN installation?

Do you need to upgrade the cabling in your home to suit an NBN connection?


Redline Electrical can do it ALL! Give us a call today  08 8420 0912


Phone Data and NBN Installation

We can help with:

Data Point

Relocation of Phone or Computer Points

TV Point

Installation of Phone and Data Points

Patch Panels with Cat 6 Cables

Installation of Data Networks & Cabinets

Test and Tagging

Phone Line Repairs and Testing

Installation of Data Networks and Cabinets

Installation of Central Filters

Phone & NBN Wiring

NBN Ready Conduits

TV Point

TV Installations & Connections