NBN Installation

NBN Installation

Premium NBN Installation

At Redline Electrical, we specialise in providing the best NBN installation services for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you want an expert to check the connection for faults, install a new one or repair an existing one, we can do it all. We are up to date with all NBN regulations and make sure your connection up to South Australian standards.

High-speed internet that is secure and reliable is a necessity in the current day and age. The team at Redline Electrical knows that reliable internet connections from a convenient place in your home is almost a requirement of living in the 21st century. Over the years, we have successfully connected thousands of homes and office spaces to the rest of the world. Therefore, let us set you up to enjoy premium NBN services and the great speeds alongside higher security.

We have highly trained and licensed electricians who are qualified to install phone and data cables. Our experts are at your disposal to assist and advise you throughout your home or business connectivity planning.

NBN Installation

Our NBN Installation Services

We cover everything in our NBN installation service. From repairs to new installations to relocations, we have the experience, skillset, and knowledge to do it all. Some of our popular NBN related services include:

New Installation

We can install an NBN connection from scratch. Our experts sit with you to discuss the connectivity plan for your home or office. Once we have everything planned out, our electricians get to work and make it happen efficiently.


If you are tired of slow internet speeds, we can relocate your NBN box to ensure it is catching optimal signals. So, if your system was installed in an awkward location and you’d prefer it was in a location such your study, let us know and we can arrange this for you!

Data Cabling

We are qualified and have a caballers license to handle any kind of data cabling task. We can relocate cables so that they don’t get in the way or ruin the look of your house both indoors and outdoors.

NBN Installation

We Deliver Quality NBN Installations

At Redline Electrical, we made sure to develop a simple yet effective NBN installation process to maximize customer satisfaction and comfort. It is our top priority to make the whole experience personalized and pleasant for you. As such reach out to us for any of our services, and we’ll discuss you needs and book a time over the phone to see the project.

Don’t just take our word for it through, see what our previous clients have to say:

“Redline are a highly professional and knowledgeable electrical business covering the full range of electrical and data requirements for domestic and commercial clients. Top quality workmanship and a professional approach to their business.” – Darren

It is time for you to get connected to the world through fast and reliable internet speeds. Talk to our experts and plan your home or office connectivity for a long-term internet solution.

Call us today and get started with your NBN installation, contact us today!


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